Senior Adviser To Trump Appointee Banned From Uber Over Racist Rant

The adviser, who remains employed after his racist tirade, was banned from using Uber after mistreating a driver and being repeatedly told to leave the car.

It seems that it’s not just President Donald Trump who surrounds himself with alleged racists. His appointees do so as well.

According to CNN, Daniel Pollack, a senior adviser for the now disgraced Carl Higbie, a former appointee of Trump’s, has been banned from Uber over a racist tirade.

Pollack was involved in an altercation in March 2017 when he allegedly "began yelling and cursing at [the driver] and other customers" before going off on the driver after she asked him to leave the vehicle.

“He looks at me, and I’m like, ‘Sir, get out of my car. I’m calling the cops,’” the driver, Jasmine Coer, told reporters. Then, she continued, “he goes ‘I’m white. I’m a white attorney and you’re black.'”

She then started recording the exchange.

"Didn't you just call me a Muslim and said I'm black and you're white, so can you get out of my car," she asked.

As he finally exited the vehicle, he then “placed his hands on the front hood stopping any forward movement.”

According to Coer, she is not Muslim. But Pollack allegedly assumed she was because of her headwear.

After this incident, which Coer called "aggressive," Uber banned Pollack from using the app again.

In a statement confirming the company’s decision, a spokesperson said that what the driver experienced was “totally unacceptable.”

“As our Community Guidelines make clear, we have zero-tolerance for any discrimination. This rider has been banned from Uber,” the spokesperson said.

Pollack had worked with Higbie, a former Trump appointee who was removed from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) after he was recorded accusing the “black race” of “lax morality.” Before Higbie's exit, Pollack had worked directly with him but remained as a senior adviser for public affairs at CNCS even after the Uber episode.

Pollack and Higbie had also worked together at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and the Great America PAC, which is Trump’s Super PAC and the organization that supported his presidency during the 2016 election.

Even though Pollack was charged with disorderly conduct after the incident with the Uber driver, he was not prosecuted for the offense as the case was reportedly dismissed on a motion of the prosecution.

CNN reported that the White House did not respond to any requests for comment.

Regardless of who Pollack is, it’s disheartening he was never punished for his behavior. At least now, he can no longer take a ride with Uber. Still, it’s almost as if anyone who’s well connected to the Washington elite, more specifically the White House, can get away with anything — even being publicly racist and aggressive toward a driver.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Denis Balibouse

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