Racist HSS Official, Who Posted Conspiracy Theories, Is Back On Job

Rep. Jon Cordova said Gold Star father Khizr Khan is a “Muslim Brotherhood Agent” and said Sen. Ted Cruz visited prostitutes.


Jon Cordova, principal deputy secretary for administration at the Department of Health and Human Services, will reportedly resume his duties after being placed on a two-week administrative leave while officials investigated him for using social media for promoting conspiracy theories.

In a shocking series of posts reported by CNN, Cordova made false accusations against the Clintons, belittled the Black Lives Matter campaign and claimed Gold Star father Khizr Khan is a “Muslim Brotherhood Agent.” Following these discoveries, he was put on a leave as investigation commenced, but latest reports claim that he will be returning to office soon.

These theories and baseless claims were posted by Cordova during the 2016 election campaign when he was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention.

During the campaign, Cordova falsely accused that Khan is “Muslim Brotherhood Agent” and is being funded by the Clinton Foundation. He also made allegations that Hilary Clinton photoshopped her rallies to make them look bigger and falsely quoted her on calling Democrats “stupid.” Cordova also called for a boycott on Budweiser because he said it supported "jihadis."

He also shared an article implying Texas Republican Ted Cruz was involved in a sex scandal and frequented prostitutes.

To make matters worse, Cordova was continuously involved in posting stories supporting racism. He posted a picture of a black man carrying an insulting photoshopped poster.

In another tweet, he compared civil rights movements MoveOn.org and the Black Lives Matter to the Nazis.

An HHS spokesperson, posted an apology on behalf of Cordova saying he regrets that he “allowed heat of the political campaign” to cloud his judgment.

“Mr. Cordova has expressed sincere and deep apology for those statements and for any harm or injury he may have caused to readers of any of his social media posts. While he continues to work at HHS, Mr. Cordova – along with all department employees – will be expected to demonstrate a full commitment to inclusiveness and respect for all Americans that we serve. He has acknowledged that he may have allowed the heat of the political campaign to undermine his better judgment, resulting in posted content by him that may have inadvertently offended many,” said the HHS spokesperson.

What is preposterous is that Cordova is a top official of an administration that is responsible for health care and human services. For a senior HHS official, who is so blatantly racist, it is astonishing he was put back in charge. While this may be his official reinstatement, reports claim that Cordova was repeatedly seen at work during his leave too.


Thumbnail/Banner Credits: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Website

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