Alleged Sexual Harassers Trump And Weinstein Have A Lot In Common

While the entire country focuses on the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, we must not forget President Donald Trump's several accusers.

When people with power are also sexual abusers, many victims feel as if they have no recourse. As a result, these abusers remain active and are never held accountable.

As Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein is accused of several instances of sexual harassment, the victims’ allegations begin to remind us that President Donald Trump, too, was accused of sexual harassment countless times in the past.

But Weinstein isn't the only powerful man being accused of using his position to harass women — and men. And as even politicians begin to finally face scrutiny for their acts, we're still left wondering when is Trump going to face his accusers.

On Twitter, ThinkProgress founder Judd Legum listed 15 names of women who claimed to have been assaulted by the president.

LawNewz also made a compilation of sexual harassment cases involving Trump, including those that resulted in lawsuits that were eventually dropped due to legal hurdles, such as statute of limitations.

Still, it’s important to remember these alleged victims and how powerless they may have felt.

Here are some of the women listed by Legum on Twitter whose claims of abuse involve Trump.

Among others.

According to LawNewz, one of Trump's accusers, Jill Harth, who went by Jill Harth Houraney at the time of the alleged attacks, said that Trump was “sexually abusive.”

Her case stands out from others not only because her $125 million lawsuit was buried, but also because Harth alleges Trump was abusive toward her for years.

She was a business associate of Trump’s who was in the beauty pageant business. According to her accounts, Trump was often hostile. On one occasion, she recounted, Trump forced her to enter his daughter’s bedroom where he attempted to have sex with her. 

Like Weinstein, Republican candidate Roy Moore, and Roger Ailes, Trump has a knack for harassing a great number of people without being held accountable, making each of them a “serial sexual harasser,” as Tina Brown put it in a New York Times column.

According to Brown, who worked with Weinstein between 1998 and 2002, both Weinstein and Trump are bullies whose true personalities are not what they appear at first glance.

Noting that the power the Hollywood mogul wields makes anyone think twice before trying to cross him, she also wrote that times have changed as even his mask has fallen. Now, she added, it’s time to go after the other sexual harasser on the loose who lives in the White House.

As countless women and their stories remain unaddressed and untried in a court of law, Trump sits behind his oval office desk, making decisions that impact millions of Americans.

Unfortunately, others like him have noticed that it doesn't take much to keep their victims quiet, as politicians holding positions in Congress such as Rep. John Conyers have gone on for years harassing women without being accused of wrongdoing in public.

It's almost as if Trump's presidency has served as an example to abusers everywhere who believe that their despicable history will not be taken into account by voters.

While any case of sexual harassment is despicable, and we should always speak out against abusers no matter where they stand politically, knowing that the Weinstein case, and others, have actually produced consequences and forced the attackers to address their accusers in public but that Trump’s cases have yet to land him in hot water should be enough to prove that we must not stay silent.

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