Teacher Caught On Film Beating Seventh Grader With Electric Cord

Some people get so carried away in the moment that they forget their common sense. A Louisiana teacher lost control in class and paid the consequences.

A teacher at Northeast High School in East Baton Rouge Parish was promptly fired after she was caught on film beating a student up with an electric cord, Raw Story reported.

A 12-year-old girl in the seventh grade was left in bruises after her teacher punished her by striking her with a cord in front of the class. The incident was recorded by a student with a cell phone.

The victim’s mother, Sundari Wallace, spoke with local news channel WAFB saying, “The whole situation could have been handled in a different way… She would still have her job.”

Allegedly her daughter got into an argument with a classmate right before her teacher began to repeatedly strike her. The girl can be seen screaming in the video. 

“Another student told my daughter to watch out,” Wallace said. “By the time my daughter got up out of the desk to run, she slipped and fell, and that’s when the teacher started hitting her.”

Wallace expressed outrage at the entire situation, disavowing the teacher’s abusive conduct.

“You can’t just take matters in your own hand and discipline a child with actions such as whooping them,” she said. “It’s not acceptable in a home, and I know it’s not acceptable in a school.”

According to a statement from the school, the teacher in question was initially put on paid leave after Wallace showed the video to school authorities on Monday. But, on Tuesday, it was announced that she was fired by the school district for her misconduct.

The Department of Children and Family Services was alerted, as was the East Baton Rouge Parish’s sheriff’s office.

Just as Wallace explained, abusing a child is never, ever acceptable — whether in public or behind closed doors. What the teacher did was not only wildly inappropriate but also harmful to the victim’s physical and mental health.

Banner photo: Twitter, @WBRCnews

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