Sexist Fox News Segment Sets Gender Equality Movement Back 20 Years

The latest discussion on “Fox and Friends” revolved around how a woman’s “natural state” in marriage is to be the “beta” instead of an “alpha.”

If there is one thing you can actually count on Fox News for, apart from pro-Trump commentary and racist dialogue, it is the network’s uncanny ability to stage the most cringe-worthy and sexist discussions about women and their choice to live, dress, eat and act.

Ironically, most of the time, it is a panel of men holding the debate on hard-hitting matters like whether women should wear leggings in public.

For their latest round of misogynistic debauchery, “Fox and Friends” — one of the most sexist shows to ever exist on television — invited author Suzanne Venker, the niece of anti-feminism lawyer Phyllis Schlafly, to discuss how a housewife should behave when her husband gets home.

Venker, who once wrote that feminism has eliminated all of men’s incentives to marry, presented the main argument that women are supposed to be “more compliant and less dictatorial” in their marriages — because God forbid they ever stand up for their rights against men.

“I think that, ultimately, what women are struggling with — especially what I'm calling the ‘alpha woman,’ and you can replace that with a ‘type A,’ it doesn't have to be the word alpha — but that they struggle getting in touch with their feminine side,” she began. “I think what happens over time after you have been married a really long time, especially once kids come into the picture, is that women get into this mode of just sort of micromanaging everything.”

Venker claimed if women fail to switch over into wife mode in front of their husbands, “kind of back where they were when you started,” the relationship begins to weaken.

When show co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked the guest to give some tips, Venker gave the example of a battery that needs a positive and a negative energy to work.

“If you are bringing the alpha energy to the table, and he's an alpha by nature because he's got all the testosterone, you're going to be like two bulls in a china shop, right?” she continued. “And then if you want him to be the more feminine person in the relationship, I guess you could do that, but that usually doesn't work for most people because women are naturally feminine.”

Co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade could not seem to agree more.

So, in order to have a successful marriage, woman is ought to be the submissive one while her husband must have the right to do whatever he wants?

What year are we living in, 1955?

Watch a clip from the segment above.

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