SF Sportscaster Attacks Fellow Anchor For Reporting His News

A KRON 4 San Francisco sportscaster was unhappy with his colleague when she reported a piece of news that he felt was his.

Apparently local news reporters are very protective of the stories they are set to air—at least, that’s what the team at KRON 4 revealed on Monday.

San Francisco sportscaster Gary Radnich was clearly annoyed at his longtime colleague, Catherine Heenan, when she spilled some news that he was going to speak about. Prior to Radnich’s segment, Heenan reported that LeBron James was going to star in a reboot of the classic movie “Space Jam.”

Radnich also reported this news, and Heenan apologized for stealing his thunder; however, Radnich sarcastically retorted that he doesn’t report on her stories and asked, “How long have we been friends? Twenty-three years? I stay in my lane.”

Those are harsh words for an honest mistake, although after a clip of the incident went viral, Radnich backpedaled and claimed on Twitter that he was simply “playing.”

You can watch what happened above and judge for yourself. 

Banner Image Credit: Pxhere

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