Shania Twain Reveals Her Stepfather Sexually Abused Her

“I don’t mind saying it, because I do think it’s important that people understand you can survive these things,” said Shania Twain.

Shania Twain

Famous Canadian singer and songwriter, Shania Twain revealed disturbing details of her childhood in a recent interview with The Guardian.

In the interview, the singer claimed she was physically abused by her stepfather, Jerry Twain. Not only would he abuse her physically and mentally, he also abused Twain sexually. He started abusing the singer when she was just 10-years-old.

 “Uh huh, uh huh. I’m not going to go into details about it. I don’t mind saying it, because I do think it’s important that people understand you can survive these things,” said the 52-year-old singer.

“I feel the sexual abuse goes hand in hand with the physical and psychological abuse when it’s somebody you know. I learned to block it out,” she continued, explaining she used to tell herself that something wasn’t right with her father.

Revealing more about her personal childhood ordeals, she explained she never knew her biological father. Her mother, Sharon married an alcoholic man who was violent all the time. “I was worried about my father killing my mother,” she said. “I thought they’d kill each other. My mom was quite violent, too. Many nights I went to bed thinking: ‘Don’t go to sleep, don’t go to sleep, wait till they are sleeping.’ And I would wake up and make sure everybody was breathing.”

At one instance Jerry beat Sharon so much she lost her breath. He then repeatedly plunged her head in the toilet. Frustrated from the violence, Twain grabbed a chair and smashed it on Jerry’s back.

The monster punched her for her actions, she was 11 by then. But Twain wasn’t the one to back down, so she punched him again.

“I did feel sorry for myself a lot as a kid. It was either go to Children’s Aid and get saved now or ... I weighed it up and thought: ‘If I go to Children’s Aid, we’ll all get separated,’ and I just couldn’t bear that, so we all stayed together for better or for worse,” she said.

 The singer mentioned she never really wanted to be a singer, but started writing songs to escape the violence.  Famous track, You’re still the one singer always wanted to her family to stay together despite all the hardships.

She lost her mother and stepfather after they died in a car crash in 1987.

Speaking about her latest comment on President Donald Trump, where she apparently endorsed the president and got widespread criticism, the singer said her answer was “awkward.” She was questioned if she got a chance to vote in the US election would she vote for Trump. At the time, her answer was somewhat positive.

But the singer now believes her response lacked context. Twain emphasized on inclusivity, making it very clear that she did not endorse Trump and that she was “passionately against discrimination.”

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