UAE School Forces Student To Walk Around Barefoot In Scorching Heat

The teen, whose name hasn’t been revealed as of yet, had to walk to the bus in scorching summer heat without any shoes – thanks to the school supervisor’s appalling punishment.


Summers in the United Arab Emirates can be exceptionally hot. In fact, the temperatures can get so high one can literally fry an egg by cracking it on a pavement.

Now, imagine what such heat could do to a person’s bare feet.

A private school in Sharjah has come under fire for forcing a student to walk around barefoot after the unnamed teen showed up wearing colorful shoes, breaking the school dress code, reported Khaleej Times.

The public prosecution office has reportedly charged the school supervisor for punishing the Grade 8 student. The incident took place earlier this year in May, which means the student had to walk around in scorching summer heat without anything to protect his feet from getting burnt.

According to the teen’s parents, the punishment not only caused the student to injure his foot, but also had a negative impact on his studies as he was reportedly humiliated and insulted in front of his classmates, after which he refused to go to school for several days.

Apparently, the student had begged the supervisor to give his shoes back before walking to the bus, but she had refused. In the end, the bus driver got involved and retrieved the shoes.

“The prosecution referred the accused to the Sharjah Federal Court of First Instance which postponed the case to allow the accused to appear in the court,” reported the publication.

Meanwhile, in response to the allegations, the school formed a committee to investigate the matter. The principal said the supervisor was not following her instructions when she asked the student to take off his shoes.

Meanwhile, another school official said the student had also approached him to complain about the supervisor’s conduct, but he reportedly advised the teen to politely resolve the issue. However, he claimed the supervisor got upset at him for interfering.

According to the Khaleej Times, the school has taken punitive measures against the accused supervisor.

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