Shaun King Offering $35K To Identify Neo-Nazi Who Beat Up Black Man

The journalist is offering $35,000 for anyone who can properly identify an individual who was involved in beating a black man in Charlottesville last year.

Progressive journalist Shaun King is offering a reward to identify a white supremacist who took part in beating DeAndre Harris during the violence that went down in Charlottesville, Virginia, last summer.

Describing it as an “all hands on deck” call to his followers, King, who writes for The Intercept, posted a picture of the individual he’s hoping can be found to face justice for his role in beating Harris.

“He is still on the loose & the @FBI doesn't seem to care,” King wrote.

King also wrote that he’s willing to pay a $35,000 reward to anyone who can provide proper identification of the man in the pictures.

Earlier this week, a neo-Nazi named Jacob Goodwin, who also took part in beating Harris, was found guilty in a court of law for doing so. He will face five-20 years in prison as a result of the verdict.

Originally, Harris was also charged for “unlawful wounding” for his efforts to defend himself during the beating. He was found not guilty in March for the misdemeanor charge.

King is accustomed to using his social media presence to help track down those who devolved in violence during the white supremacist rally. In August last year, just days after the violence in Charlottesville shook the nation, King shared photographs of others involved in the beating on Facebook as well, providing a reward for their identification at that time also.

King’s methods may seem drastic, but they are necessary. As he pointed out himself, the FBI has so far been unable to identify these criminals.

Using the power of social media, King is spearheading an effort to bring these people to justice. He deserves to be commended for doing so.

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