Sprinter Shaunae Miller Becomes A Diver To Win 400-Meter Race

Shaunae Miller was evidently determined to win the gold medal, even if that meant diving across the finish line.



The women's 400-meter race at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janiero turned into a diving competition when American sprinter Allyson Felix and Shaunae Miller, a runner from the Bahamas, were neck and neck just before the finish line.

Both athletes gave it all they had around the track to win gold, but things took an unexpected turn when Miller threw her body across the finish line in a belly-first dive, just barely outpacing Felix.

Miller crossed the end mark at 49.44 seconds, whereas Felix finished in 49.51.

Internet users poked fun at Miller for diving, and literally snatching the gold from her opponent. Some people even called her a cheater, but it is important to note that diving is totally legal when it comes to races. However, it is extremely risky, and sometimes can slow down an athlete’s speed.

As sports enthusiasts and others following the Olympics question Miller’s move, a look at the rules of track and field shows runners are only officially complete when they cross the finish line when their torso. Miller did just that. The only difference is that instead of putting her feet forward first, she went belly first, and that doesn’t make her any less of a winner.

But here’s what the internet users had to say:





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