Parents Will Now Have To Foot The Bill For Their Child’s Bullying

This small town in Wisconsin has found a proactive way to fight against bullying — and this time around, they are involving parents.

This city in Wisconsin is now fining parents for raising bullies.

The new ordinance says the city of Shawano will contact parents if their child is an aggressor in a bullying case. If the parents are unable to amend their child’s behavior in a grace period of ninety days, they will be fined $366. A second bullying offense within the year will cost them $681.

“It creates an avenue for us to work with parents to help find solutions,” explained Shawano Police Chief Mark Kohl.

The police department also said the crackdown will keep parents informed about their children’s behavior noting most parents don’t know their child torments other at school.

The thoughtful act comes after 18-year-old Jakob Wagner opened fire outside of Antigo High School Porm, injuring two students. Wagner, who was a victim of bullying at school, was subsequently shot down by the police.

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Plover, a small town in Wisconsin passed a similar ordinance against bullying.

"What really caught my eye was the association with teen suicide with violence with kids in schools," said Plover Police Chief Dan Ault. "That connection was something that was really pretty mind boggling to me."

Bullying not just causes petty harm to students but, far too often, causes children to take their own lives or commit horrific acts against their aggressors.

There have been numerous records of students being brutally beaten up or emotionally tortured, for no reason except the color of their skin, religion or disability.  

In today’s scenario, where the trend of suicide is rapidly rising amongst harassed students, this motion is instrumental in not just protecting students who are prone to being harassed but also curb bullying incidents in schools.

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