You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With This Lonely Dog And His Human Pal

From living on the streets under the scorching sun to being cuddled by a human, Prissy’s life made a 180-degree turn.

Spending most of their day among animals, it is only natural for shelter workers to become attached to the vulnerable, furry creatures.

A video posted on Facebook by the Conway Area Humane Society shows the power of that connection.

The clip captured by the shelter manager, Debra Cameron, shows her colleague Chrissy Ireland cuddling with a dog, Prissy, in her kennel. Apparently, Prissy had just undergone a surgery to be spayed. Cameron, who decided to check on the dog in her kennel, was taken by surprise when she caught the heartwarming exchange between her coworker and the dog.

“Moments like this are a regular sight at the shelter, however, catching them on camera is rare. The staff usually runs when a camera comes out! Sorry, Chrissy, I had to show it,” the caption to the video read.

Staying at the shelter, Prissy has learned what it means to be loved, and with staff members like Ireland, it is clear that the animals here are well cared for.

Prissy was rescued from living outside on a concrete slab under the hot Tennessee sun, but now has a home and a family that loves her very much.

“This is not just a job. These are not just animals. We are committed to the human-animal bond. Protecting it when threatened by violence, disaster or medical emergency, respecting it when broken by death, we are your Conway Area Humane Society,” the video says at the end.

Check out the video above. 

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