This Black HUD Official Once Criticized Trump. Now He's Been Fired

Trump, who openly calls out anyone and everyone he wishes to, just fired a black man from his team because he once criticized him.

President Donald Trump does not like people who criticize him or dare to speak against him.

In (yet) another instance that proves the statement above, the new administration has fired a senior adviser to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

Shermichael Singleton, 26, who is one of the few black Republicans on the Trump team, previously worked on Carson’s presidential bid in 2016. During the time he wrote an op-ed about the current president, criticizing him for his stance towards the African-American community. He called it “a coded message from an era in our history that should stay in the past.”

“Trump has taken us to a new moral low, where it is acceptable for a presidential candidate to mimic and mock someone with disabilities,” Singleton also wrote amongst many other things about Trump.

Apparently, his background check and vetting process had not been completed, and one of the POTUS’ advisers came across Singleton’s writings, which led him to being fired. He was escorted out of the HUD headquarters by security officials and is no longer working at the agency.

Although the Carson aide had already been questioned about his articles against Trump, and he even expressed his regret over them before he assumed his HUD position, it was brought up again for some reason.

A spokesman for HUD confirmed Singleton’s firing with the statement: “As of Feb. 15, 2017, he is no longer with the department.”

The ex-HUD official now plans to go back to his position as vice president at a media company, Howard Stirk Holdings.

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