Principal To 14-Year-Old Student: 'I’ll Punch You Right In The Face'

A high school principal was placed on leave after a recording surfaced in which he is heard verbally abusing a 14-year-old special education student.

In the age of smartphones, people should know that somebody can always be recording you. It’s a lesson one high school principal in Pennsylvania has probably learned the hard way.

Woodland Hills High School Principal Kevin Murray has been placed on leave after he was caught on tape verbally abusing and threatening a 14-year-old special needs student.

The unnamed student had repeatedly reported that Murray berated him with foul language on multiple occasions, but no one believed him when he came forward, according to CBS Pittsburg.

He took matters into his own hands and decided to record the next incident.

In light of the recording that has surfaced, the boy's mother and his attorney, Todd Hollis, said they want the principal to be fired.

“The child felt he had to tape it in order to get credibility,” Hollis said. “No one believed that the principal would or could do such a thing.”

In the recording released by CBS, the principal can be heard shouting, “I’ll punch you right in your face, dude.”

“I’m gonna f***ing punch you in your face … Man to man, bro. I don’t give a f**k if you’re 14 years old [sic],” he continued.

The despicable principal even had the audacity to warn the student against taking legal action, asserting that if they went to court, “It’s your word versus mine and mine wins every time.”

While the student recorded the incident back in April, he alleges that there have been other similar occasions of harassment. 

According to Hollis, the family isn’t interested in any financial settlement, but “… The family wants to be commenced [sic] for the threats this principal made to this child.”

Pennsylvania law states that recording an individual requires two-party consent, but Hollis said he is looking into the “legalities behind that” to see how they can move forward.

This incident is just a horrifying reminder of the crumbling state of our education system. The fact that a man like this could rise to the position of principal is terrifying.

But then, we now live in a country where a tax-dodging sexual predator with a history of racism has been elected president. Welcome to the new normal.  

Banner Photo: KDKA video Screenshot

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