Massive Pipeline Explosion Wreaks Havoc In Brazil

"I heard the crash and the gate fell," said Carlos Frederico dos Santos, victim of material damage caused by the explosion, which occurred Wednesday in Brazil.

On Thursday, a major pipeline exploded in Santissimo, a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Three cars were damaged in the wake, and the center of a nearby road collapsed. 

A clip of the accident posted to Twitter shows an egregious amount of water bursting out of the pipes and flooding the surrounding streets.

According to Brazilian news site G1, firefighters were onsite quickly. No one was seriously hurt, although two people sought medical care. 

"I heard the crash, and the gate fell," said 54-year-old Carlos Frederico dos Santos, owner of one of the cars damaged. "At the time, I did not realize what had happened, then I saw the volume of water, and I took my brother who lives in the front house and ran to the back."

Marcelo Henrique Dutra dos Santos, 39, likely suffered the worst destruction as a result of the burst pipe: His home was flooded, and he reportedly lost appliances, furniture, and documents. 

A recovery appears to be underway. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Bryn Pinzgauer 

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