French Police Strip Disabled Man, Then Leave Him Abandoned In Subway

A humiliating video of law enforcement officers harassing a severely disabled man shows the height of police brutality in France.

People in France are left shocked after a video showing their law enforcement officers harassing an amputee went viral.

The 12-minute video posted on Facebook features a group of police officers abandoning a disabled man in a subway station — but not before stripping him of his pants and humiliating him in public, witnesses told French news agencies.

The footage was captured in an underground train platform at Gare de Lyon in Paris and the victim was identified as François Bayga. The African immigrant claims three police officers approached him, pushed him against the wall and started throwing accusations at him without any reason.

He was told to show his passport and identification but even that didn’t pacify the police, who insisted on a thorough search. By the time they left, Bayga was left sitting on the grimy floor with his artificial limbs strewn about and stripped to his underwear.

As the police walked away, a man can be heard shouting, “Officer, officer, we need you. Officer, turn back please. This is humiliation, it is not normal.”

The French police also were recently blamed for excessive force during left wing protests against employment laws. The police maintained at that time the violence was initiated by the demonstrators themselves.

This time around, they insist the man was not subjected to humiliation or harassment and claim they will look into it if a formal complaint is made.

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Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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