Chicago City Officials Used Work Email To Send Racist Messages

The Chicago officials made blatantly racist, anti-Muslim, and vulgar remarks while using their city email and computers. More employees may also be let go.

Black Lives Matter advocate holds a Black Lives Matter sign.

After the city of Chicago went through a series scandals involving racist city officials, documents have been released that expose their way of thinking.

According to Raw Story, a gun sale investigation resulted in a series of high-profile firings after Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson found a trove of emails showing officials mocking black victims of gun violence.

Now, the emails have been released, and they are hard to read.

At least three high-ranking officials who worked for the city’s water department were unmasked as these pieces of communication were discovered. They were accused of using "city email [accounts] to repeatedly send and receive racist and offensive emails," Ferguson said.

The racially-charged emails were shocking not only because they made mention to age-old stereotypes about African Americans, but also because officials were caught using Ku Klux Klan images to mock victims of gun violence who happened to be black.

In an email, African Americans were described as "wild animals." They also called the black community "untamed." In another piece of communication, employees were offered “Chicago Safari Tickets.” Along with an image of white people taking photos of African Americans, the email promised “you will see at least one kill and five crime scenes per three day tour. You’ll also see lots and lots of animals in their natural habitat. Call and book your Chicago Safari today.”

In their exchanges, officials made racist references to African Americans and watermelons, making use of an image showing a KKK robe in a watermelon patch being used as “watermelon protection.”

Ferguson has also disclosed that an employee used his city computer to watch porn. He also used his work-related computer to receive and send sexually explicit images and videos "on thousands of occasions."

In other occasions, the report released by Ferguson added, a water department chemist made “derogatory and threatening” statements against ex-employees while others demonstrate anti-Muslim sentiments.

The unnamed chemist had already been named in official harassment complaints in the past. According to Ferguson, many of his uncovered emails show him engaged in “particularly egregious” behavior. He added that the chemist in question has a “long and documented history of” harassment, and yet, he remained employed even as current and former employees made complaints.

While some have already been fired, other employees may still suffer consequences for their involvement in the exchanges. Still, the probe is ongoing.

While officials caught being openly racist and biased have now been officially fired, it's terrifying to know that many government officials across the country are still employed despite their biased predisposition as this may impact the way they do their job.

Governments must do a better job at making sure city, state, and federal employees are better screened before being accepted into a position.

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