Chinese Circus Ties Tiger To A Metal Table So Visitors Can Sit On It

Animal trainers in China brutally tied down an endangered Siberian tiger for customers to ride on its back and take pictures.

In yet another disturbing video of animal abuse, Chinese circus trainers can be seen treating a Siberian tiger heartlessly to entertain visitors.

The trainers tied the poor animal aggressively on to a metal table with ropes, encouraging visitors to sit on its back to click pictures.

A frightened child can be heard in the video telling his mother, “I’m scared, I’m scared,” as she tried to make him sit on the wild animal. 

Siberian Tiger

The cruel workers forced the cat to lie on the table and pressed its head downward, inviting visitors with a circus ticket in to the cage to sit atop it.

“How cool is it to sit on a tiger. Perhaps this can keep you away from the devils and bring you wealth too," remarked one of circus staff members.

Apparently, a number of people in China believe the god of wealth is reminiscent of a tiger and those who get in contact with him directly will obtain good fortune.

The video that was originally posted on Chinese video sharing platform with almost 88,000 views caused a huge outrage on social media with people concerned about the safety of the Siberian tiger.



“No tiger would trade freedom for captivity, to be caged, dominated, tied down, whipped, and used as a prop for a tacky photo,” commented Elisa Allen, director of PETA U.K. “The only way to make these highly intelligent and powerful hunters pose for the camera is to keep them under constant threat of punishment, intimidate them and restrain them.”

“This tiger was bound and strapped so tightly that he couldn't even lift his head, while a caged bear paced around and around in the background, showing the psychological damage that's commonly seen in animals used in circuses,” she added.

Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are endangered species. Only about 540 of the species are thought be left in the wild since 1980.

While animals continue to lose their lives due to abuse by humans, it seems no one particularly cares. In fact, it seems all we care about now are selfies and pictures. 

The activity of making people, especially children ride on tigers, is hideous to say the least. It portrays a disgusting picture of animal abuse along with the heartless nature of humans in general who aren’t bothered about the well being of the animal because all they want to do is look adventurous. 

By the end of the video, the tiger rushed back in its cage after getting untied by its cruel owners.

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