Sick Of Winning Yet? Trump's New Approval Ratings Set Historic Low

President Donald Trump has hit his second quarter, and the newest Gallup poll results are in. The president may not be winning, but he is certainly setting records.

A parade float in anti fascist protest with angry Trump head being mocked by Statue of Liberty.

Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump's approval ratings have been abysmal, at one point dipping below the number of Americans that want him impeached. He's hanging on by a Republican thread, something made even clearer after Gallup released their newest poll results to mark the president's second quarter.

The Gallup poll was conducted via telephone interviews with 52,765 American citizens between April 20 and July 19. According to Gallup, Trump averaged a 38.8 percent approval rating, far below the presidential average for that time period, which stands at 62 percent. Until Trump, Bill Clinton was the only president to ever fall below 50 percent in their second quarter, coming in at 44 percent.

However, the history making doesn't stop there. According to Fortune, Trump ended his second quarter with one of the lowest approval ratings for that time period of any president on record. He ranks 250th out of the 287 second quarters Gallup has measured since 1945. 

As in most recent polls, this one shows an incredibly polarized nation. Only 8 percent of registered Democrats approved of Trump's job performance in the second quarter, and a whopping 85 percent of Republicans found his presidency to be satisfying thus far. While the president's approval rating itself is notable, the 77-point gap between the two major political parties is what we should pay the most attention to. After all, the people pick the president.

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