Texas Official Reportedly Used Taxpayer Money To Get "Jesus Shot"

The Agriculture Commissioner from Texas went to Oklahoma to receive an unusual medical procedure that is supposed to take away all the pains of life.

The Texas Agriculture Commissioner who lifted a decade-old statewide ban on fried foods and soda in public schools last year is again making headlines for his unusual behavior.

Apparently, Sid Miller flew to Oklahoma City to meet, according to his public statement, state lawmakers. He spent at least $1,120 in taxpayer funds on the trip, including flights and a rental car.

Miller’s office even posted a photo on Facebook, showing him standing with two Oklahoma officials, who, the commissioner claimed, invited him to the Sooner State's Capitol.

But they didn’t.

The Houston Chronicle has found that all of the politicians featured in Miller’s Facebook photograph weren’t with him on that day.

“All of the lawmakers in the photograph, or their aides, said they did not invite Miller or even expect him in their state that day in February 2015,” the paper stated. “The president of the stockyards said it did not give him a tour. And Miller himself now acknowledges that he requested the meeting with the Oklahoma agriculture official — and then did not show up.”

The Chronicle suspects Miller traveled to Oklahoma not to attend an official meeting but to receive the "Jesus Shot," a controversial, but legal medication that is dubbed as a cure for all pains. It is administered by a man known as Dr. Mike, who was reportedly convicted of eight felony counts of including tax evasion, mail fraud and even healthcare fraud.

What Miller wants injected into his body is his own business. Until he involves taxpayer money and out-and-out lying to his constituents. Then it's everybody's business - and we shouldn't stand for it.

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