‘Nuke F******G Sikhs’: Man Vandalizes Sikh Temple, Calls For Genocide

The police allegedly did not seem too interested in collecting any evidence other than the photos and video the man offered.

A video uploaded by Facebook user, Karna Ray, shows a man vandalizing a Hollywood Sikh temple, known as a gurdwara, in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

According to Ray, he caught the man writing on the walls of the temple. It was then when he pulled out his phone and began to record him. The man in question seemed “unfazed”, and began to walk away, Ray wrote in the Facebook description.

In the video, Ray follows him and repeatedly asks him why he wrote down what he did. However, the man remains silent.

Ray has also uploaded a photo of the racist graffiti on the walls of the temple. As many Facebook commenters have pointed out, the writing seems to be fragmented, incoherent ramblings that attack Sikh people. The man reportedly wrote “10,000 24,000 nuke Sikhs” on the walls.

After the incident, Ray claims he immediately called the police. However, the police did not seem too intent in collecting any evidence other than the photos and video he offered. Moreover, the officers were allegedly insensitive enough to wear shoes inside, which is considered disrespectful inside the place of worship.

Ray further added he has also been in touch with Council on American-Islamic Relations and The Sikh Coalition who are working with the authorities on investigating the issue.

Many in the Sikh community have reported a rise in anti-Sikh hate crimes in America since the 2016 elections. The crimes are often attributed to the flare of nationalist sentiments and a perpetuation of anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“At the moment, the risk of anti-Sikh hate crime is high,” Rajdeep Singh Jolly, interim managing director of programs at The Sikh Coalition, told The Los Angeles Times.

“Any time there is a flare-up in anti-immigrant rhetoric, we see an uptick in even an apprehension about hate crimes.”

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