Apple Employee Calls Cyclist And Her 9YO, 'F***ing Cambodian N-word'

While taking her child for a ride, a Sunnyvale mom was harassed by a Silicon Valley man who ended up hurling insults at her, even after she told him she was going to upload the video to YouTube.

Whenever we think of Silicon Valley, we picture liberal tech geniuses wearing Bernie Sanders for President T-shirts. Well, that's precisely the opposite of what cyclist Paula Nuguid encountered while out and about with her 9-year-old.

While cycling in Sunnyvale, California, Nuguid was waiting to make a left turn because of traffic when a man behind the wheel of his Nissan reportedly started honking at her and calling her a bitch. That's when she started filming the encounter.

As she asked the man why he was harassing her, she said in a Facebook post, he continued to tell her to get out of his way.

That's when she called him an “entitled white prick,” prompting the man to go off in a really absurd way.

“I can tell you’re not from California,” Nuguid said, to which the man responded, “You f***ing Cambodian n*****, get out of here.”

As she told him that the video was going to be uploaded to social media, he just shrugged it off.

According to Nuguid, she was just attempting to make the turn the way the DMV recommends. And still, the man behind her simply couldn't wait, honking and pushing her to go into traffic when it was unsafe to do so. Unfortunately, this altercation went down a very disappointing route as Nuguid's daughter was present to witness the whole thing.

On top of all that, after Nuguid posted the video to Facebook, she was forced to deal with people who actually accused her of being the racist in this story, despite the man's reaction and use of the n-word.

It's incredible how people will still refuse to be decent, even while on camera.

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