Gymnast Simone Biles Impresses Judges With Breathtaking Routine

This young gymnast is the first in over 40 years to win four consecutive titles and it’s “almost a certainty” that she will win the gold medal in this year’s Olympics.

Simone Biles may not be an Olympic winner yet, but she easily defeated her opponents and took home her fourth gold medal in women’s gymnastics on Sunday.

The 19-year-old gymnast is the favorite choice of the masses to win the gold medal this summer at the Rio Olympics. And her talents have not gone unnoticed by the masses either, as evidenced by the 12 million views she got for her routine.

At the nationals, Biles beat second-place gymnast Aly Raisman, who won two gold medals at the 2012 Olympics, by a whopping four points. And it’s not surprising, considering the extreme level of difficulty of her routine, something that has set her apart from others.

On Sunday, Biles accomplished the near-impossible feat of getting her fourth title in a consecutive row, which makes her the first women since Joan Moore Gnat in 1974 to do so.

The prodigy, who has been dubbed the “Michael Jordan of gymnastics,” has won a total of 14 medals, 10 of them gold.



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“She is paving a whole new way for gymnastics,” said former gymnast and friend Shawn Johnson East. “The skills she throws are some of the hardest ones we've ever seen in women's gymnastics. A lot [of her skills] you've never seen done before.”

Biles trains for a staggering 32 hours each week for her Rio preparations, but her Sundays are reserved strictly for family.

“We go to church on Sunday and then have family dinner,” she says. “My mom usually cooks and most of the time it's protein and something else. She will ask us kids what we want!”

Even though the stellar gymnast has left her judges in awe, Biles is still dreading her upcoming July trials.

“Right now when I think about the Olympics, it's not too much,” she explains. “I think of trials more than the actual Olympics, because that's one of the hardest steps until you're named to the team.”

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