Ads Featuring Viral Anti-Sinclair Video To Air On Its Own Stations

An organization critical of Sinclair Broadcasting Group has ordered ads featuring the viral Deaspin video to be run on several of the company's own stations.

After the uproar caused by a Deadspin video exposing Sinclair Broadcasting Group's anti-media propaganda, an advocacy group wants to place that critical video on Sinclair's very own stations. 

Allied Progress, a Washington-based consumer advocacy organization, will run portions of the Deadspin video in a broader anti-Sinclair ad on four of the company's local stations. 

The ad takes aim at Sinclair's potentially monopolistic media empire, with ownership of over 200 local TV stations across the country. It also blasts Sinclair for forcing "dozens of anchors to recite the same political message," referring to the mandatory promos that Deadspin criticized. 

Allied Progress' executive director, Karl Frisch, spoke to the Baltimore Sun, saying, “Tick tock, the clock is running. This is a test for Sinclair. Now we’ll see if the company believes that viewers have a right to know that trusted local anchors were forced to be political pawns or fear termination." 

The ads started running Friday, and they're slated to run 175 times total over the course of the week. 

Sinclair, perhaps trying to nullify its Big Brother image, seems to be expressing willingness to run the ads. William Fanshawe, general manager of Sinclair-owned WBFF, wrote in an email to The Sun, “We did receive an order from Allied today... Our intention is to run their schedule because we believe that everyone has the right to express their opinion.” 

Sinclair is now in the crosshairs of media celebrities and consumer-advocacy groups alike for its recent announcement that it plans to merge with Tribune media, potentially making it the most behemoth broadcast group in history. This development demonstrates Sinclair's possible mission of claiming fairness while secretly eroding journalistic integrity.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni 

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