UPS Workers Surprise Colleague Who Walked 11 Miles To Work Every Day

"I had music in my head. I was just walking, not worried about nothing, I was just moving my feet," said Trenton Lewis.

A UPS worker went the extra mile to show his dedication to work.

Trenton Lewis traveled a distance of 11 miles tirelessly with aching legs every day so that he could make it at work for his 4 a.m. shift at UPS in Little Rock, Arkansas, because he did not have a car.

The 21-year-old single dad did this for seven long months without mentioning his ordeal to anyone. He never missed his shift and was always on time for his job, which involved loading the trucks early in the morning.

Lewis was not the kind who made excuses, especially when it came to his 14-month-old daughter, Karmen. He was jobless when she was born.

"I had music in my head. I was just walking, not worried about nothing, I was just moving my feet," said Lewis. "[My job] got more important to me. When I had my daughter, I knew I had to step up. I didn't have a job when she was born," he added.

"My pride is strong," he told CNN. "Whatever she needs, I'm the person who is supposed to provide it for her."

His dedication soon paid off, when his co-workers decided to gift their colleague with a reliable car.

It all started when Patricia Bryant, who works with Lewis in the loading docks, mentioned his daily trek to her husband Kenneth Bryant, a veteran driver at UPS.

"Man, that's got to be a dedicated young man to walk to work," said Bryant.

He then started collecting donations from other workers at UPS. Eventually he collected an amount of $1,900 and found a nice car for the co-worker.

Bryant even made little fixes to the car’s front bumper because he wanted everything to be perfect for the big revelation.

During a brief union meeting Bryant pulled out a key from his pocket and gave it to Lewis, who was naturally shocked.

"He just pulled some keys out of his pocket, and I'm like 'That can't be mine. Those keys cannot be mine.' He brought them to me and my heart just dropped. This can't be real," the young worker recalled.

Lewis couldn’t thank his friends enough and after offering his gratitude, he picked his daughter and went for a snack. The young man doesn’t have to walk for miles to get to work anymore; he leaves for work at 3:30 a.m. and reaches the warehouse on time.

"It feels good because it's just me and the car. I don't have to use my feet no more," said Lewis.

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