Sioux Member Reminds Obama Of His Promise To Native Americans

“You said, ‘Let’s not make this just a dream,’ and right now it kind of feels like it was a dream...” Eagle said. “Help us stop this pipeline.”

Barack Obama

In less than two months, President Obama will step down as the commander-in-chief of the United States but his duties are not yet over, a Sioux tribe member reminds him.

Kendrick Eagle, a member of the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, addresses Obama in a video and reminds the president of his visit to the Standing Rock Reservation two years ago.

“It was a great day, a great, memorable day. You gave us hope, a lot of hope. It was a great time and then two months after that you flew us out to D.C., toured the whole White House. We rode in a motorcade from the White House to a pizza place called 'We The Pizza' and had pizza for lunch, with you and Michelle,” reminisces Eagle. “You took us to a (sic) NBA game, you know, the Wizards vs. the Mavericks. I’d see Dirk Nowitzki play for the first time, he’s a legend.”

Eagle then says he is present at the Oceti Sakowin camp where the Sioux tribe was protesting against the construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline and requests the president to stop the pipeline.

He reminds Obama of the promise he made two years ago of having the “first Americans'” backs as long as he was president and never let them think they did not have the opportunities that other privileged Americana had.

“Talk is cheap and there have been too many promises that haven’t been kept,” Obama later says in a speech at the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference in which he made.

“You said, ‘Let’s not make this just a dream,’ and right now it kind of feels like it was a dream, because you said you had our back, and here we are,” Eagle continues. “Help us stop this pipeline.”

The Standing Rock tribe is protesting against the pipeline that will stretch across federally sanctioned Native American lands and, in the process, will destroy sacred burial sites and poison the clean waters of the Missouri river, an essential water supply for the people.

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