Sisters Kicked Off Flight, Miss Final Moments With Dying Father

Two sisters were kicked off an Allegiant Air flight, costing them a chance to say goodbye to their dying father.

These two sisters never knew they would miss the chance to see their father for the last time.

Debbie Hartman and her sister, Trisha Baker, who were grieving over the imminent death of their father, boarded Allegiant Air flight from Orlando Sanford International Airport to North Carolina.

As the flight attendant was preparing to depart, Baker, who was seated away from her sister, received a text message saying that their father only had hours to live.

“I didn't know if my sister was getting the same text and (I) was I thinking I need to go back and tell her,” said Baker.

She went over to sit next to Hartman to alert her sister of her father’s condition — that’s when a flight attendant stepped in.

“She said ‘You need to sit down,’ and I said, ‘well, can I just sit here? I just want to console my sister. We just got word that my dad's dying,’” said Baker.

As soon as Hartman heard that, she started having a panic attack.

The situation intensified when Baker confronted the flight attendant and accused her of being rude.

“My sister said to the flight attendant, ‘You’re being very rude. My father is dying, and I’m comforting her,’ and they said she needed to keep her personal problems off the plane,” said Hartman.

Seconds later, the flight attendant notified the captain, who turned the plane back to the terminal. The two sisters were escorted off the flight by security.

“People were like ‘what's going on?’” said Hartman.

The two sisters searched for another flight the next day, but it was too late. Sadly, their father passed away and they lost the chance to say a final goodbye.

Passengers aboard were shocked at how the two women were treated. The two sisters were completely shattered and want the airline to be held accountable.

“I would like to see them in some way be punished in a way where people understand. This is not humane. One hundred thousand percent, I blame them. They were the gate between keeping me from my father to say goodbye,” said Hartman.

As soon as the news went viral, Twitter users shared how they felt about the incident:





Allegiant Air said it is investigating the incident.

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