These Six White House Officials Failed FBI Background Checks

At least two people with no security clearance were all set to work on the National Security Council staff under President Donald Trump’s administration.

Six White House officials were dismissed after they failed to clear national security background checks.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the officials were dismissed after they failed to pass the SF86, a Questionnaire for National Security Positions for security clearance. Aides in the White House have to successfully clear the FBI background checks in order to their jobs.

The questionnaire is more than 100 pages long. Investigators can use the paperwork to probe finances, criminal records, ties to terrorism and foreign governments, past use of controlled substances, history of alcohol abuse and other factors that could hamper their ability to serve the president.

Out of the six aides dismissed, one was President Donald Trump’s director of scheduling, Caroline Wiles.

She is Susan Wiles' daughter, who was Trump’s Florida campaign director and former chief of staff to Gov. Rick Scott. 

Wiles resigned on Friday before the FBI background check was completed. She was appointed as the deputy assistant secretary before the inauguration in January. According to Politico, two sources close to Wiles said now that she cannot continue at the White House, she will work in the Treasury Department.

The other five dismissed officials' names haven't been disclosed, but according to a White House source, two of them were all set to take position as staffers of the National Security Council.

This entire week has been distressing for the Trump administration and the country. On Monday, President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn stepped down from his position following a heated controversy about his ties with Russian officials. He had served the White House for just one month.

Following his resignation, labor secretary nominee, fast food CEO Andrew Puzder, also withdrew after a series of controversies surrounding him hiring an undocumented person as a housekeeper.

Flynn’s replacement, Vice Admiral Robert Harward, also decided to call it quits, citing “financial and family issues” for turning down the job.

Trump’s first solo press conference yesterday also displayed a series of meltdowns, when the president couldn’t explain to journalists concerns on important issues. It looked like the commander-in-chief was on a mission to slam the reporters and brag about his supposed victories.

But in reality, people are jumping left and right from Trump’s team. Not even his own band of handpicked people wants to be associated with his administration any more.

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