Sixth-Grade Boy Writes His Will In Case He Dies In A School Shooting

A sixth-grade boy in Birmingham, Alabama, wrote a kind of “will” that bequeaths his cat and PlayStation to his friend in the event that he gets shot at school.

After hearing that his middle school had received a threat, sixth-grader Javon Davies wrote a letter promising his cherished possessions to his friend and thanking his family.

In an interview with CBS News affiliate WIAT, Davies said he wrote the letter, “just in case something happened to one of us because some kids, they get rowdy ... and might end up making somebody get shot or something.”

Not surprisingly, Davies’ letter brought his mother to tears.

“I could not believe it,” Davies’ mother, Mariama, said in the CBS interview. “... My child, he’s in the sixth grade… this is something that he should not be thinking about.”

Mariama Davies caught the attention of local reporters when she posted the letter to Facebook.

In the interview, her son seemed fairly calm about it, remarking, “I know it’s gonna be OK because God got me in his hands.”

The boy’s letter comes as America is engaged in a larger conversation about school shootings, which are gripping precisely for the reason that Davies’ mother was so shocked by the boy’s letter: Childhood should be about innocence, not violence.

Statistically speaking, Davies likely has little to worry about — the chances of a mass shooting at any one school are relatively low. But there is no question that the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has put the specter of death on too many young minds. Only stricter gun laws and more robust mental health programs will extricate the nightmare of school massacres from the American consciousness. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, U.S. Department of Agriculture

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