Skateboarders Use Earthquake-Hit Roads As Ramps In New Zealand

Earthquake-ravaged roads have turned into makeshift skate parks for thrill-seeking skateboarders in New Zealand.

For many motorists, the earthquake damaged State Highway 1 in New Zealand remains a major problem, but not for a group of skate boarders, who are making the best of the quake-ravaged roads.

Skateboarders Troy Tapara and Billy Mclachlan have started using these damaged roads as ramps, performing and filming breath-taking tricks.

The pair discovered sections of deserted road on State Highway 1 sunken 1.2 meters after the earthquake and 800 subsequent tremors.  The tarmac on these sections of roads had buckled to such an extent that it could be used as a smooth ramp.

They cycled and trekked to Parnassus, 40 km south of the quake-ravaged town of Kaikoura on South Island, where they found the makeshift ramps.


@billyjmclachlan cruising over some cracks on his #lekker cruiser #adventures #skatelife

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Tapara can be seen executing a kick flip on the devastated highway in a video posted on his profile, seen more than 2,000 times. As the video goes on, he performs another trick launching himself smoothly from a bulging section of the state highway.


"It was definitely the most unique experience of my life," said the thrill-seeking skater.

"Even to see that state of destruction in person was just surreal but exciting at the same time."

Mclachlan explained how this was not easy, he and other friends had to hang onto Tapara's legs as they dangled him into the gap so he could reach the skateboard. 

“Half of his body was in the earth and his arms were fully extended to pull the board out,” Mclachlan remarked.

He said the roads were "extremely hard" to skate on and that anyone planning to skate should keep this in mind.

A horrible 6.3-magnitude tremor, the worst natural disaster for the country in 80 years, hit New Zealand last week.

Prime Minister John Key said the quake had "wreaked death and destruction on a dreadful scale."


He confirmed last week that the "horrendous" damage to the country's roadways and railways will be "in the billions of dollars to resolve." 

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