The Heartbreaking Tale Of China’s Young "Leftover Women"

An unlikely source brings to light the struggles of China's independent women.

Even as we plow evermore toward progress and freedom for women, there are still many cultures and societies that look suspiciously on women who remain single past a certain age.

However, one skincare brand wants to change people’s mindset and remind single women that they deserve to live life as they please, regardless of what people think.  

In a recently released commercial called the “Marriage Market Takeover,” Japanese brand SK-II depicts how pressures over marriage have a negative impact on women and make them feel like a “leftover woman,” commonly known as "Sheng nu" in Chinese.

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The video depicts the pressures females are subject to from a young age, as their parents and relatives insist they find a man and “settle down.” Additionally, it talks about the struggle faced by  independent women as they give up the life the like to please their parents.

“Being independent is a great lifestyle and it’s the life I want,” says one woman.

The video ends with the powerful words “Don’t let pressure dictate your future.”

It is about time someone highlighted this issue and reminded society that not every woman sets marriage as her life goal. Every person strives toward achieving something different and what matters is whether you are happy with your life, not whether you are single, married or divorced.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jason Lee

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