People Are Fleeing China In Attempts To Escape Worst Smog Of The Year

Tens of thousands of people are fleeing their homes in north China and moving to less polluted places as smog takes over the country.

Thousands of people are fleeing the northern parts of China after an “airpocalypse” has taken over the country.

A dangerous cocktail of pollutants had turned China’s skies into a weird yellow and gray color, significantly reducing visibility. People are going about their day wearing face masks to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes, while others are staying indoors where they are using air purifiers.

A picture from Henan province has been circulating on social media, showing around 400 students engulfed in smog giving an exam on a football pitch. Their school was warned  to close as a result of the pollution. But they decided otherwise, drawing outrage.

Many factories and businesses were ordered to remain shut down due to the high levels of humidity and haze.

China’s leading online travel agent has claimed that it expects around 15,000 people to leave the country for a while, since the smog is negatively impacting their health. Many people are also going to Chongli, a smog-free ski resort, to avoid living in the unhealthy environmental conditions.

 “You ask me why I left Beijing? It’s because I want to live,” said 27-year-old Yang Xinglin.

Some people are describing the resort as a “refugee camp.”

“People are definitely thinking about how to get out and … companies are complaining that it is hard to recruit talent to come to China,” said Lauri Myllyvirta, a Greenpeace activist.

“People don’t want to live in places with terribly polluted air,” he added.

Check out the video above to learn more about China’s situation.

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