Woman Gets 'Fright Of Her Life' As Snake Pops Out Of Bonnet

A red-bellied black snake gave this Australian driver the fright of her life by emerging mid-journey in front of her windscreen.

If you think you’ve driven in scary conditions you might be wrong. A South Australian driver experienced a big red-bellied black snake dangling in front of her windscreen for a full hour.

Sandy Grundy, from South Australia, was driving from Adelaide to Mundoo Island Station when a snake popped up in front of her from under the bonnet.

She posted a video to the Mundoo Island Station Facebook page which had over 70,000 views in 20 hours.

 Mundoo Island Station/Facebook

After a moment of panic she immediately but carefully slowed down.

“It scared the living daylights out of me. I suddenly saw this snake pop up in front of me just in front of my hand while I was driving. At that point, I wasn’t sure if it was inside or outside the car because it just happened so fast,” said Grundy.

Grundy’s 14-year-old daughter, who was traveling with her, caught the encounter on camera. She then called her husband, who got in touch with a car dealer who advised her to shut off the car’s vents.

“He disappeared and that’s when I really started getting worried. I thought if I don’t shut air vents and just shut everything off in the car, then he’s going to get into the car,” said Grundy.

She didn’t turn on the windscreen wipers because they would have aggravated the snake.

Mundoo Island Station/Facebook

After an hour long drive, she made it home safely and left the car in a paddock hoping the snake will find a way out and go back in the wilderness. But she was surprised to find it still there the following morning.

“We went and opened the bonnet and it was curled up on the top of the engine in the warmth of the sun,” said Grundy.

Apparently, this is not her first encounter with a snake.

“I’m absolutely petrified by snakes and I often get quite paralyzed because I trod on a Tiger snake about a month ago hooking a trailer up. I’ve had a few close runs lately,” said Grundy.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Handout via Reuters

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