Man Saves Missing Teen After Noticing Her Picture On Snapchat

Earlier this week, 15-year-old Amber Austin was reported missing from her grandmother's home. Luckily, a family friend used some online savvy to find her.

A Georgia man drew praise this week for using Snapchat to rescue a missing teen girl. 

The man, 27-year-old Dakota Moss, said he spotted a Snapchat photo of teen Amber Austin, a family friend who had recently been reported missing. 

Moss traced the photo back to 34-year-old Dayton Seth Koop, a man who had previously been accused of rape. 

Then, in what you might call a heroic act of online catfishing, 27-year-old Dakota Moss pretended to be a woman on social media and lured Koop to his home. He then tipped off authorities, allowing them to arrest Koop when he got there.  

“When he had pulled in, he went around to the back," Moss told CBS-affiliate KHOU. "I had my roommate go out the back, and I called the sheriff's department knowing he was there.” 

Moss said Austin was found in the backseat of Koop’s SUV, and “she seemed real scared." 

"She had tears in her eyes. I prayed so hard that God would help me find this girl, and it all worked out for the best," Moss told the station. 

The vast majority of the time, pretending to be someone else online is certainly a form of cruel deception, and thus unethical. But in this case, a little catfishing amounted to a brave rescue. 

Banner image credit: Flickr, AdamPrezezdeziek

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