Cruel Snapchat Prank Falsely Claimed Teen Killed Herself Over Bullying

A girl had her image shared on Snapchat along with a message saying she had committed suicide, prompting her mother to take to social media to condemn the act.

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A mother received a call from a friend saying that someone on Snapchat had shared a post saying her daughter had killed herself. Needless to say, she was devastated anyone would do such a thing.

Victoria Williams, a mother of three from Wales, said the post showed an image of her daughter superimposed with the words “RIP Seren.”

The post also said: “This gorgeous, independent, strong and loving girl took her own life due to years of depression and serious bullying.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for us and what joy you have brought,” the post added.

“I had just dropped Seren at her friend’s house when I got the phone call off my friend,” Williams told reporters.

She said once she saw the post, she was “disgusted and sickened.”

“I called her immediately, and she told me she’d only just seen it for herself,” Williams said. “It made me feel sick to think that someone could do something like this and get away with it.”

According to Williams, her daughter has been dealing with bullies at Darland High School, but this was the first time that anyone tried to hurt her in such a sinister way.

On Facebook, the concerned mother wrote that her daughter was very much alive.

“This is the kind of thing some kids will do these days to others, make up a vile snap chat post saying that someone has killed themselves,” she wrote. “I know that my daughter Seren would never ever do this to someone else as she knows right from wrong and has compassion for the feelings of others.”

After this incident, both the school and local police started investigating.

According to the school’s headteacher, Peter Agnew, Darland High School officials are very concerned about this incident.

“Social media postings such as these are abhorrent, and we have a comprehensive teaching program that educates our pupils on how to behave and stay safe when online,” he said.

Williams told reporters that there are very few boundaries on social media, and that’s “scary.”

“I’ve seen some things on there that have shocked me,” she explained.

“This is like a different type of bullying. This is very manipulative as youngsters are judged by their social media accounts and the amount of ‘friends’ and followers they have. People don’t realize the impact something like this can have.”

Snapchat encourages users to report this type of behavior to the company’s support website. And according to the firm, it has a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying, which prompted them to make it easier for users to report abuse.

Still, it’s heartbreaking to think a teen would joke about something so serious such as suicide. During a time when self-harm is on the rise, especially among teenagers, anybody taking part in this type of “prank” should be punished so that it prevents similar incidents from happening in the future. 


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