Teen Throws A Cat, Injuring Its Leg, For The Sake Of A Snapchat Video

The disturbing footage, which lasts less than 10 seconds, was reportedly filmed in Ontario, California.

A disturbing video, first posted on Snapchat, has set off a firestorm of criticism online as a 16-year-old boy in it can be seen tossing a cat on the road, injuring its leg.

As the cat lands on to the road, a painful scream can also be heard in the video. The teenager, who has been identified as Charlie, drew a lot of backlash online from animal rights activists and people with a conscience in general, demanding Charlie receive some sort of punishment for his inhumane behavior.

Ontario Police released a statement on Twitter saying the cat was well.

“We are investigating the animal cruelty to a cat video. We have located the cat & owner. The cat has leg fracture but is going to be ok,” the department wrote.

The cat's owner, Perla, and her mother told NBC4 they refuse to watch the video because it's too traumatic.

“I just want him to know he hurt a victim that can't defend itself,” she lamented.

The cat, named Spots, is a stray Perla discovered four months ago. After Charlie abused Spots, the cat was rushed to an emergency clinic, where it was determined that Spots suffered a broken leg.

The Inland Valley Human Society helped in assisting the investigation and taking care of the injured animal. 

Later, the police announced they knew about the identity of the 16-year-old but refrained from releasing it because of his age. So far, the teenager hasn’t been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

“I know who he is but I don't know his name,” neighbor Oscar Ramos told CBSLA.

“He hangs around here in the alley all the time. Bunch of little kids doing drugs. They think they're cool. He probably did it just to look cool on video,” he added.

Thumbnail Credits: Pixabay, Georgex25  

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