Resort Manager Casually Ignores Avalanche Burying Guests

This resort manager was so engrossed in boasting about his establishment in a TV interview, he didn’t even notice as his guests got hit by an avalanche.

A resort manager was bragging about his amazing Turkish ski resort to a TV channel when the camera captured something unexpected in the background.

As the manager was speaking to the interviewer, an avalanche hit his guests who were skiing not too far behind him. However, he either didn’t notice their cries (which doesn’t seem likely) or just ignored them (much more likely) in favor of getting more airtime as the skiers fell and got buried under the snow.

Meanwhile, completely unfazed about the horrific incident, the manager kept telling the anchor, “The heavy snow had much effect. Those who like snow, skiing are coming here.”

The man, who apparently couldn’t care less about his customers’ safety, then turned and pointed toward the heavy snow of cloud and said, “As you see an avalanche comes from higher up. You caught an avalanche on tape.”

“People are very happy. And we try to host our guests as best as we can do,” he added.

So much for the publicity. 

The video showed other panicked skiers running to rescue their friends, using their hands to dig the snow and help people buried under. Visibly horrified with the situation, some even use their poles and skis to help — although this method is dangerous, they had no other option.

Thankfully, they pulled a person out of the snow successfully. According to the local media, no one was badly injured in the horrible avalanche. 

Note to the resort manager: Avalanches have claimed many lives and injured scores of people; some have even gone missing without a trace in the past.

This man needs to learn the lives of people visiting his ski resort are much more precious than some airtime.

Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Reuters

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