So Much For ‘America First’: Trump Businesses Aren’t Hiring US Workers

At least three Trump Organization properties have failed to hire American workers for seasonal jobs and instead relied on guest workers with H-2B visas.

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It was revealed before President Donald Trump won the election that, as a businessman, he relied very heavily on foreign workers, and it seems that continues to be the case.

Despite Trump’s so-called “America First” objective in the White House, his properties haven’t been hiring American workers.

According to Vox, hiring records for seasonal workers at three Trump properties in New York and Florida indicate that only one out of 144 jobs went to an American worker from 2016 to the end of 2017. All the rest of the positions were snagged by foreign guest workers with H-2B visas.

The H-2B program allows seasonal, non-agricultural employers, such as hotels and resorts, to hire foreign employees if they are unable to find American workers. The Trump Organization benefits greatly from this type of visa, which is why it isn’t much of a surprise that the Trump administration temporarily expanded the program last year.

In Vox’s analysis, recruiting files submitted to the Department of Labor for three of Trump’s properties showed that hiring managers claimed they were only able to hire one qualified American cook out of the 144 open positions ranging from servers, cooks, housekeepers, and bartenders.

“If the president says ‘hire American,’ then the president’s businesses should hire American,” said Bruce Morrison, a Democrat and former Congress member from Connecticut, who helped write the Immigration Act of 1990, which placed limits on the H-2B visa program.

While it’s true that some businesses struggle to find American workers willing to take on certain jobs, previous reports indicate that is not necessarily a problem that the Trump Organization faces.

Back in 2016, a New York Times report revealed that out of almost 300 American residents who were referrals or applied for jobs at Mar-A-Lago, only 17 were hired.

By the looks of it, the Trump Organization is simply taking advantage of the H-2B program as a means to evade paying higher wages or offering more benefits to make the jobs more appealing to American workers.

It should also be noted that Vox’s findings date back to the start of 2016, which includes the months before Election Day. The one American cook was hired in August 2016. However, as ShareBlue Media points out, the three hotels have hired zero Americans for seasonal jobs since Trump has actually been elected president.

Although Trump has supposedly “distanced” himself from his businesses since becoming president, this revelation still reflects poorly on him because his name remains associated with the properties. Currently, his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are operating the business empire, and the entire Trump family is still benefiting from all of the business done at their properties. 

These findings only further solidify Trump's hypocrisy and the fact that he is telling his fan base what they want to hear, but his actions aren't measuring up. All of his anti-immigrant rhetoric and emphasis on hiring American is nothing but hot air.

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