Soccer Player Shoots Referee Dead In The Middle Of A Match

Authorities are searching for a soccer player in Argentina who took his anger to the extreme by killing the referee who issued him a red card during a game.

Police in Argentina are reportedly searching for a soccer player who allegedly shot and killed a referee on Sunday after being sent off in a match played in the Cordoba province.

The player — who has not been named — had the gun in his bag and retrieved it after being shown a “red card.” He returned to the field with the weapon and shot the 48-year-old referee, Cesar Flores.

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“It all happened during the football match. We don’t know [exactly what took place], but it appears the player was angry, fetched a gun and killed him,” authorities reportedly told Efe news agency.

The player had enough time, space, and opportunity to shoot Flores three times — in the head, chest and neck. Another player, Walter Zarate, sustained a non-life-threatening injury during the incident.

Soccer seems to be a sport prone to violence. Just last year a video went viral of a similar situation in Brazil except it was the referee who pulled out a gun in the middle of a game after being kicked and punched by a player.

While fist fights are a common occurrence in many contact sports, the accessibility of firearms on the field is quite unnerving. Why would anyone feel the need to bring a gun to a soccer match? How is security allowing weapons onto the field in the first place?

Children and families watch soccer, what type of example are these players and officials setting by allowing their frustration to reach such a dangerous place?

Thankfully, additional lives were not taken during this Argentinean shooter’s rage. 

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