Two Men, 1 White, 1 Black, Openly Carry Rifles. Guess How Cops Reacted

A social experiment reveals differences in attitude of police officers while dealing with suspects who commit the same crime but belong to different races.


A social experiment carried out by Occupy Democrats revealed the biased nature of police officers who reacted differently while tackling white and black people who openly carry assault rifles.

At the start of the video, a white man is seen carrying a rifle standing by a police officer. When the cop spots him, he calmly walks toward the man and politely asks him for an ID.

When the white man says he doesn't have an ID, the cop in return asks him a good reason why he's carrying a rifle.

In the second of the video, the same act is repeated. The only difference is that the man who is carrying the rifle now is black.

The video shows the black man with a rifle hanging on his shoulder, walking down a street. That is when a police officer emerges from a car parked on the street, immediately points a gun at the man and orders him to the ground.

While the officer continuously points the gun at the man, two more police cars arrive at the scene. One of the cops then removes the black man’s rifle, pulls his arms over his back and handcuffs him. 

The experiment shows the differences in attitude of police officers while dealing with people who commit the same crime but belong to different race.

If a white man commits a crime, he is dealt politely; however, a black man faces excessive force.

This is not just an experiment analysis; this mentality is well-infused in police departments around the country. Police officers not only use excessive force on suspects, but in many cases, innocent people have been shot down.

A number of cases have emerged that show police officers’ use of excessive force on suspects, however, they are hardly ever held accountable for their acts or charged.

Recently, police in Salt Lake City, Utah, fatally shot a black man from behind. Patrick Harmon, 50, was reportedly pulled over by Officer Kris Smith because he was riding a bicycle without a light. The officers asked him to remove his backpack. As he took his bag off, the cops asked him to turn around and put his arms around his back.

However, as the officers tried to arrest him, Harmon attempted to escape. That is when one of the officers fired three bullets at him, before shouting, “I’ll f***ing shoot you!”

Harmon died on the spot.

Last month, circuit Judge Timothy Wilson acquitted white ex-police officer Jason Stockley in a fatal shooting of a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith. The man was shot five times in his car after attempting to elude Stockley and his partner, who had chased the suspect over an alleged drug deal.

In another incident, a police officer in Oklahoma shot a man in front of his home, ignoring pleas from his neighbor that he was deaf and was unable to hear the commands. Madgiel Sanchez was reportedly holding a metal pipe and authorities repeatedly asked him to drop the tool before opening fire on him.

The man succumbed to his injuries and died. One of the officers involved in the shooting was only placed on administrative leave and the other is still on active duty.

Racial profiling, which leads to police brutality, is a problem which needs to be dealt with so that no more innocent lives are taken based on the sole reason of race.

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