Horrific Images Show Tourists Damaging Marine Life For Photo Ops

Images circulating on social media of tourists posing with marine life out of their habitat on a beach is making nature lovers furious.

Images of a group of Chinese tourists at a beautiful beach are doing rounds on the internet and people are not very happy with them. A large group of tourists took pictures with star fish and coral, removing the marine life from the water just to pose with them.

Chinese tourists

One of the females is seen holding a sign with a message that reads "you should be here" — this is the tagline for WorldVentures travel club based in Malaysia.

But the club has denied organizing the trip, and speculated that the tourists went there themselves. 

“WorldVentures has not organized any trip to Semporna (in Sabah). The trip was probably organized on the members’ own initiative. The incident is being investigated internally by our compliance department,” says the club.

Chinese tourists

Furious nature lovers have expressed their concerns and are irritating with this behavior.

Horrific Images

Horrific Images

Horrific Images

“Sea creatures should be respected. As ‘visitors’ in their habitat, we should not simply touch anything under the water, let alone take it out to pose with for pictures. Such behavior would stress the starfish and even the corals, which might cause them to die,” said Mohd Azwan Ali, a diver.

Another diver, Muhammad Izzat Mainur, added, "It saddens me to see how the corals and starfish were treated by this group of tourists. We are not supposed to touch corals, as our hands are contaminated with bacteria, which can kill them, as they are very sensitive. We are supposed to protect them, and such behavior could damage the ecosystem."

Nature is to be preserved; it’s about time we stop obsessing over clicking pictures with everything just to look cool. Earlier this year a beachgoer in Florida killed a shark by dragging it out of water by its tail for a photograph. These animals deserve a better treatment.

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