Shed A Tear For Drug Lord El Chapo — He Hates Solitary Confinement

The notorious drug lord gets only one hour of exercise a day and is kept in a small, windowless cell for the remaining 23 hours, according to his lawyers.

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, the most powerful drug dealer of his time and the mastermind behind two prison escapes, is now living in solitary confinement in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

On Sunday, his lawyers filed documents, requesting that he be released from solitary confinement to join other inmates at the prison, stating that it is taking a toll on his health.

Apparently, the drug lord lives in a small, windowless cell, where he spends at least 23 hours of the day by himself. However, he is taken into another cell for one hour per day, where he exercises on a treadmill and stationary bicycle.

"His meals are passed through a slot in the door; he eats alone. The light is always on. With erratic air conditioning, he has often lacked enough warm clothing to avoid shivering,” the documents read.

Furthermore, the papers stated that El Chapo is never allowed to go outside, and on weekends, he is even stopped from exercising.

Without a window or access to natural light, the drug lord cannot tell whether it is night or day. He had bought a clock from the prison commissary, but even that was removed from his room.

“He has difficulty breathing and suffers from a sore throat and headaches. He has recently been experiencing auditory hallucinations, complaining of hearing music in his cell even when his radio is turned off,” the documents further read.

Despite living in such harsh conditions, a TMZ report states that the drug lord is fairly concerned about what people are saying about him.

El Chapo has been accused of bringing drugs worth billions into the United States and if he is convicted, he will serve a minimum life sentence in prison. So far, no date has been set for a trial.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edgard Garrido

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