Man Beats Somali Woman, Leaves Her With Facial Fractures, Broken Teeth

The victim was left with facial fractures and four broken teeth after the assailant attacked her for protecting another Muslim woman.



In yet another apparent hate crime, a Somali woman was brutally beaten unconscious for standing up to a white supremacist.

Rahma Warsame of Columbus, Ohio, was viciously beaten, allegedly by a white man, for defending another Muslim woman from racial harassment. The assault left her with severe facial fractures as well as several lost teeth.

According to the Warsame, the assailant reportedly shouted, “You all will be shipped back to Africa” before he physically started attacking her.

The victim said the man was interviewed by the police but released without charges.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) is representing the Somali mother in the case and has condemned the alleged hate crime.

“The fact that the perpetrator was not taken into custody and was not charged raises serious concerns and sends a very dangerous message,” said Jennifer Nimer, executive director of CAIR-Columbus and one of the attorneys for the victim.

“After what happened last week in Portland, police across the country should be sending a strong message that hate crimes will not be tolerated.  We are asking law enforcement to investigate this as a hate crime and to bring the perpetrator to justice immediately before he commits another act of violence.”

Activist organization Yes We Can Columbus also issued a similar statement against the reported hate crime.

“There is no place for hatred or bigotry in Columbus, and we firmly denounce this disgusting attack,” the group stated. “Yes We Can Columbus calls for an investigation into this incident and for the attacker to be brought to justice… If we claim to be an Opportunity City, then we must also be a safe city for all.”

Local Somali leaders have also spoken about the oppression of the Somali community and the need to feel protected in the city.

A fundraising campaign at Launch Good has also been set up by Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour to help the victim with her extensive medical expenses.

The campaign generated $70,104 toward a $75,000 goal as of this writing.

Police have now begun an investigation into the assault.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, racists have become bolder than ever and the government seems to have done nothing to deter their violent tendencies.

Over 1,000 hate incidents were reported in just the first month of Trump’s election and since then African-American and Muslim-American communities have been attacked and harassed by white supremacists at an unprecedented rate.

As always, when it comes to an attack on a Muslim or an African American, Trump has not condemned the incident.





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