Somehow, Shards Of Glass Ended Up In An Ohio Cop’s Sandwich

A Columbus, Ohio cop rushed himself to the hospital after he bit into a restaurant-made sandwich that had shards of glass stuck inside of it.


A police officer in Columbus, Ohio needed medical treatment after chewing on pieces of glass he found in his sandwich.

According to local news station, WBNS-10TV, the unnamed officer was dining at Lincoln Café when he bit into the sandwich full of glass. He noticed his mouth was bleeding and proceeded to drive himself to a nearby hospital.

The restaurant maintains that this is the first incident of its kind and they've had a longstanding relationship with local police.

The Columbus police department doesn’t believe the incident was intentional, according to a tweet they posted about it Tuesday afternoon.

However, an investigation is underway, and the restaurant temporarily closed down while Columbus Public Health visited the establishment to inspect.

While this ordeal was probably just a terrible mistake, it should definitely be taken seriously as members of law enforcement have been targeted recently in response to police brutality.

The officer is expected to be okay, but will reportedly remain in the hospital’s care overnight. 

Banner Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Tmannya

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