African-American Student Alleges School Covered Up Racist ‘Kill List’

The alleged “kill list” threatened to target all African-American students at a California high school. The lawsuit alleges the school was aware of the problem.


In yet another instance of alleged racism in schools, a black student in South Bay, Los Angeles, was racially harassed so much at school that she had to transfer out “fear for her life.”

The student, who has not been named because she is a minor, also claims her classmates at Monta Vista High School posted a “kill list” on social media that threatened to kill all African-American students.

The student’s family has now filed a lawsuit, alleging the Fremont Union High School District failed to take action despite being aware of the problem.

“The girl was targeted in September of last year when some students on the Monta Vista campus repeatedly harassed her because of her race, frequently calling her the 'n' word,” according to NBC Bay Area.

The lawsuit also alleges the students “labeled themselves kill spree masters” on the internet and named some African American students at school, including the complainant.

“They mentioned her by name and they gave her a specific and credible threat that they would riddle her with bullets and they talked about how many bullets it would take,” attorney Richard Richardson told San Francisco CBS Local.

Local community groups voiced concern over the incident, which happened last fall, however only drew attention after some students covered it as a story in a school magazine.

“The same thing happened at Columbine. Those students made threats, people took it lightly, they went home and made bombs,” said Walter Wilson of the African American Community Service Agency. “The same thing could have happened here. Thank God it didn’t, but who knows what’s really going on down there at Monta Vista High School?”

The school released a statement, saying, “Monta Vista High School staff immediately investigated and took appropriate disciplinary action.”

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