High School Students Spell ‘Rape’ On Their Bodies During Football Game

“Using the threat of rape, even as an analogy, is not behavior that any school or any parent should (or hopefully would) condone.”

A few high school students in South Carolina are in trouble after they spelled out “rape” on their chests and posted the photo on social media.

The four culprits are students of the Westside High School and reportedly took the picture during a “Touchdown Against Cancer” football game,  aiming it at the opposing team. The picture was uploaded with a caption that read, “What we do to Daniel.”

Students present at the game had painted their chests and spelled out “bump cancer” for the game.

Kyle Newton, director of external affairs for the district, said, “They have not been expelled, but they have been punished. This is not acceptable anywhere and anytime. At best, this is offensive to just about anyone and at worst this is traumatic to some people.”

The district further refused to reveal the identities of the boys and declined to elaborate on the level of punishment they received.

A picture of the students was uploaded on Facebook by a group called “Anderson 5 Citizens for Quality Education.”

“Using the threat of rape, even as an analogy, is not behavior that any school or parent (or hopefully would) condone. Rape culture in high school and college is a real threat to many students,” the organization wrote in the post.

Many on social media also criticized the boys and called for harsher punishment.

“And they were not expelled? But punished! What was the punishment,” said one commenter.

While another one wrote, “Wow.... beyond unacceptable. Rape is not a joke and these young men deserve severe punishment.”

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