South Carolina Town Is Forcing Citizens To Pull Up Their Pants

A town council in Timmonsville, South Carolina voted decisively in favor of banning saggy pants that expose undergarments and fining repeat offenders $600.

saggy pants

Timmonsville, South Carolina certainly has interesting priorities—the small town of 2,000 residents recently voted to officially ban saggy pants during a local town council meeting.

According to KRON 4, the council voted 5-1 in favor of the ordinance, which prohibits wearing trousers or shorts that reveal undergarments, any forms of public nudity, and showing pornographic material in public.

For first-time offenders there may be warnings involved, but repeat offenders could face up to a $600 fine—an exorbitant amount for something relatively innocuous.

Timmonsville isn’t the only town with a vendetta against saggy pants; Ocala, a city in Florida, reportedly passed a similar law in 2014.

Hopefully ordinances such as this don’t become a growing trend—in small towns they may have little to no effect, but in larger cities they could become disruptive and cause issues for residents who are used to wearing a certain style of clothing.

It’s not a city’s responsibility to regulatewhat its citizens wear, unless it is offensive (and saggy pants certainly are not). 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @wolfwithane

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