This Man Planned An Attack On A Synagogue. Will Trump Tweet About Him?

The suspect, who has alleged ties to white supremacist groups, wanted to attack a Jewish synagogue "in the spirit of Dylann Roof.”

South Carolina White Supremacist

On the same day as President Donald Trump welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the FBI arrested a man in South Carolina who was allegedly planning an attack on a Jewish synagogue in Myrtle Beach, Utah.

The 29-year-old man reportedly purchased a handgun to attack the Temple Emanu-El Conservative Synagogue and also posted anti-Semitic sentiments on social media. He is an ex-convict and also has links to radical groups.

But he wasn’t investigated for terrorism and President Trump didn’t tweet about him, calling him a “bad dude.”

The man was simply charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.


You guessed right: He is white.

Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, according to a federal complaint, attempted to illegally purchase a handgun from an undercover FBI agent in January. However, since McDowell served time in prison in 2011 for a felony burglary conviction, it’s illegal for him to own a gun.

According to a federal court filing, he plotted an attack on the synagogue "in the spirit of Dylann Roof." Roof is the white supremacist who killed nine people, all African Americans, at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015.

"I seen what Dylann Roof did, and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred. ... I want to do that," McDowell told an undercover FBI agent.

So, McDowell essentially planned an attack on a place of worship, inspired by a white supremacist, and wasn’t once called a terror threat. Even the president, who recently banned refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from the U.S. in the name of counter-terrorism, hasn’t posted a single tweet about McDowell’s arrest.

It’s not such a surprise since white men are rarely called terrorists — despite the fact that they have carried out 64 percent of all the mass shootings in the country since 1982.

The hypocrisy is so blatant, it’s unbelievable.

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