Day Care Workers Allegedly Slammed Kids Onto Mats, Walked Over Them

"There were times when their heads were banged around; they were yanked up by their arms," said Sioux Falls Police public information officer.


Two daycare workers from South Dakota were fired and arrested following accusations of abusing children while they were napping.

The women reportedly lifted kids into the air and aggressively slammed them on sleeping mats. They also stepped over the kids and banged their heads around on multiple instances.

According to the police officers who viewed the surveillance video, the women can be seen abusing children during their nap-time in the Little Blessings Daycare situated in Sioux Falls.  

"These two employees would pick up the kids several feet off the ground and slam them onto the sleep mat. There were times they were stepped on. There were times when their heads were banged around; they were yanked up by their arms," said Sam Clemens, Sioux Falls Police public information officer. 

After viewing the grotesque footage, police arrested Teresa Gallagher, 31, and Kenedi Wendt, 22.

The case of child abuse came under investigation after the parents of a boy filed a report in late February. The unnamed boy accused one of the daycare workers of banging his head on a mat while he was sleeping.

The children who were targeted in the awful nap-time abuse were 3 and 4 years old, said the police.

The daycare center fired Gallagher and Wendt after viewing the disturbing footage. Both the alleged abusers were arrested on 25 counts of abuse or cruelty to a minor and are being held on $25,000 cash bond.

Daycare centers across the United States have been harboring child abusers for a while now. The data from 2006 (gathered from a collection of 39 states) revealed 5,321 daycare providers were discovered abusing and neglecting children in their care.

Coming back to the latest sad daycare incident, many people on Twitter called out the authorities for setting the bail at $25,000, and demanded for a stricter punishment for this heinous act.








Thumbnail/Banner Image: Sioux Falls Police

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