Deadly Typhoon Chaba Heads To Japan After Battering South Korea

The typhoon has claimed at least six lives and caused power outages in thousands of homes across the city of Busan.

A deadly typhoon has hit the southern parts of South Korea, severely affecting the cities of Busan and Ulsan. The island of Jeju has also been severely impacted by the violent winds and heavy rainfall.

At least six people have been killed because of the natural disaster while more than 230,000 homes lost electric supply. Operations at many factories and the country’s main port came to a halt and around 900 schools in Busan were shut down.

Even transport was largely affected, as more than 80 flights at the Gimhae Airport serving Busan were canceled. The bullet train service in the south was also suspended.

Experts have classified Chaba as a Category Five hurricane.

Videos and photos that emerged from the affected areas show cars submerged in water as waves rushed through the streets. The hashtag #PrayforBusan has also been trending on Twitter, with social media users sharing images and footage of the wreckage caused by the freak storm. 

The typhoon is now charging toward Japan and warnings of heavy rainfall have been issued. Around 108 Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines flights were canceled while smaller airlines also halted their operations for the time being.

Chaba is supposed to weaken by the time it actually hits Japan, and one can only hope it won’t cause too much destruction. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Park Cheol-hong/Yonhap

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